Friday, October 17, 2008

COME RUBARE LA CORONA D'LNGHILTERRA (Fantastic Argoman) - Piero Umiliani - "The Fantastic Superman" (1967)

Happy 2008 Halloweenie Countdown to ya'll! Damn this is fun!! Last Friday we featured "Atragon" and this Friday it's "Argoman!" Try drinking 3 Cadillac Margaritas and saying "Atragon," "Argoman," 3 times or more real fast! I can't even think it!

"Argoman The Fantastic Superman" is a fairly exciting 1967 Italian film that works out to be a weird hybrid cross between a Matt Helm movie and some Marvel super hero with obsessive mind powers, kind of like Dr. X. In the opening sequence, he uses mind control to turn a bunch of soldier's guns against themselves!!

Sword and Sandal guy Roger Browne steps out as Argoman, and this cat is not only suave and cool, he has superpowers too, but really, drinking martinis and sex are much more important to him.

The bad news is that if he has sex, his powers disappear for, I forgot how long, I think 6 hours, so he has to be very careful during that time, because he is so vulnerable!! Nice twist!! And speaking of twists, the music of genius Piero Uniliani twists and swings like some of Sergio Mendes' best!

Argoman senses there is a woman nearby!!! The Dude is on!!

And as fate would have it, here she comes!!! Nice ride!!!

You gotta dig the fact that Argoman's nemesis played by the beautiful Dominique Boschero is "The Queen Of The World", but she is still basically a woman who is regarded as not concerned about conventional standards of domestic cleanliness, if you get my meaning, if you catch my drift!

Now that's some swingin' bachelor pad!! Holy Toldeo, those Italians knew how to do it right!!

Here's where the effects of having sex were detrimental to Argoman as he's really getting his ass whupped bigtime in the back of this van!

Fortunately, the time period ends, and Argoman once again proves his superiority and kicks major butt all over those same guys!! Pretty cool since he looks like a freakin' dweeb!!!

"The Queen Of The World" was a woman with a lot of different looks, the last one was the look of DEATH!!! This is one of the better films you can find on Netflix! Go for it!!!

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prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for the Netflix tip, it's on the way to my house right now!

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