Thursday, October 23, 2008

NEUTRON vs THE DEATH ROBOTS / Estudios América, Mexico - 1962 / Music by Enrico C. Cabiati

Tonight Tabonga present one his favorite flick, NEUTRON vs THE DEATH ROBOTS! In Mexico say 'Los Autómatas de la Muerte.'

Worst title card ever!!.. Music man Cabiati know his stuff for sure, long resume start in 1939! He also work on SANTO flick!.. Now give big listen to excellent Theme & Extras! To Tabonga, sound kinda like FLASH GORDON theme from 1954 TV, have 'hero' feel to it.

So, on good side of track there smart Professor and crime fighter NEUTRON, The Atomic Superman! Great name!! But, Professor have bad news for him, he think bad-boy science dude Dr. Caronte still alive, not dead!!

Professor right, on wrong side of track Dr. Caronte live and well! Also have lil' buddy Nick for helping out evil plans, here he showing Nick all cool new junk he have! In middle pic robot man not form right, he turn into three rock!!..

Typical Mexican monstruo flick where music at night club play important role! Here Nora sing her song, she is famous star. For whole movie she have her three lover boys in audience who all in love with her and act like school boys! One is Neutron and you have to guess! In the meantime... Here's Nora!

Then, real fun start, Dr. Caronte send out Nick and robots to suck blood and steal. Last pic show Nick crawl under robot leg!! Thing like that why Tabonga love this flick!!

Back to club, guys getting all horny and Nora have to divert attention to unknown trio who play classic tune. The Unknown Trio and The 3 Musketeers!

Dr. Caronte big spoil sport and kidnap Nora with Neutron look-alike robot. Then, Neutron try to take neutron bomb with spikes he find to professor for disarming, but Dr. Caronte show up to get bomb back!

All hell break loose when Neutron turn around and smack Dr. Caronte with quick atomic move!! Then they fight and fight and fight and fight... Then they go on wild car chase back to Dr. Caronte lab and they fight there!! Finally Nick pull big lever and bring down house on doctor as Neutron barely escape. So, maybe Dr. Caronte not dead again!! ...Get it??

We end with classic sinister portrait of Nick!


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