Saturday, October 11, 2008

20000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - Kirk Douglas - "A Whale Of A Tale" (1954)

This song is dedicated to Bo and his blushing bride who are getting hitched tonight Disney pirate style! AAAarrrauggghhh!! This is the last of our 'Halloween Submarine' tunes! I guess I just never sat around and thought about how many damn submarine movies were made back in the day until now!

So here's the trick and it goes something like this! Now You see it!!!!

Now you don't!!!

"It must be the monster!!!"

We've already written about a number of other Sub flicks including "Atomic Submarine", "It Came From Beneath The Sea", "The Giant Behemoth" "Terror Beneath The Sea", and "Fantastic Voyage" and one of these days we'll get around to "Mysterious Island" and maybe even "Yellow Submarine" & a couple of others, but for now....

Let's set off to sea with everybody's favorite and probably the happiest music from a submarine movie, Kirk Douglas, strumming & singing like you'd never seen him before or since, with "A Whale Of A Tale", I swear by my tatoo!!

I just think that this is a beautiful portrait of the iconic Peter Lorre! Bask in it's glory! Sorry kids, despite what you think, and I don't really understand it myself, but they just don't make characters like this anymore!!

You always have to wonder what a Jerry Warren or Larry Buchanan would or could have done with a budget like this, and that is exactly what Kirk and Peter are thinking about right here!!

The Sub had so many high tech devices, here you can see how well the electric bar-b-que grill worked!!!

Peter Lorre is right up there with Man-Tan Moreland in the eye-poppin' departamento!! Wow!! You know this was the same year that "Killers From Space" came out!!! Uuummmm!!! Even though he can't compete with Pete, Paul Lukas does a pretty good job himself!

When they have to get out on the deck and start chopping up the giant squid with hatchets and machetes, it gets pretty visceral for a Disney flick!!!! Go rent it again to see for yourself!!!!!

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Monster Music
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