Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SAMSON IN THE WAX MUSEUM / AIP TV - 1965 / Music by Raúl Lavista

Tonight Tabonga present some great sounds, Raúl Lavista is music director and he pretty good at that job!! Original 1963 Azteca Films flick from Mexico name - Santo en el Museo de Cera. Here's the Theme and More! K. Gordon make big mistake calling el Santo... 'Samson!'

Impressive is what Tabonga call this flick, maybe Santo best!! Excellent sets, props, characters, action... Dr. Karol showing off wax museum! Like doctor in DOCTOR OF DOOM, Dr. Karol one devious SOB!!

When go down stairs, that where monsters stay, all nice an' creepy there. Top pic show girl slip and almost fall off!.. Careful, gurlie!! Wax monster look good too!

Dr. Karol fool Professor Galván into have Santo help solve fake crimes made up by him. Keep him on wrong trail, good strategery!! Oh, and they can watch Santo wrassle on Professor Galván atomic TV!!

Okay, bottom line!.. DR. KAROL OUT OF FREAKING MIND!!

Santo have one match with dirty wrassler Benny Galan. Benny be so bad that Santo finally have enough and pummel his ass!

Things getting bad in Dr. Karol lab too! He getting ready to wax some gurlies for museum new exhibit!.. Lucky thing Santo show up just in nick of time to pummel more dude!

Santo finally kick 2 more henchman ass, but then Dr. Karol let real monster loose on Santo!!

Sorry to say, some monster not too bright!.. So, Santo dump hot wax on 4 Stooges!

Until next time!.. Goo'bye everbloody!!

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Monster Music

Monster Music
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