Tuesday, October 28, 2008

THE INVISIBLE HUMAN And THE FLY MAN / Daiei Studios Japan - 1957 / Music by Tokujiro Okubo

What Tabonga can say about tonight flick??..

WHOA!!.. That what!

Original Japan title go like 'Tômei ningen to hae otoko.' Music dude Mr. Okubo start composing for flick in 1939, but he only have 12 credit, and this his last one!! He know Japan sci-fi sounds for sure though! So, here we go... BUG vs DUDE!

More great stuff from The Dungeon Mad Lab!!!

Since Tabonga not speak Japanese Tabonga not really sure what going on with flick except there is science dude with cool lab and making invisible machine... Oh, and guy like to smoke!!

Have sexy dance gurlz though!! Tabonga give flick A+! Gurlie top defy explanation!!

Next to gurlz, this Tabonga favorite still!

Invisible Dude showing off! He have real weird sense of humor!!

When Tabonga watch he want be Fly Guy too. Have big dividends!!

"Going invisible!"

Fly Guy very creative. Now he looking up gurlz' skirts!


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