Wednesday, October 15, 2008

LAS VAMPIRAS (The Vampire Girls) - Gustavo César Carrión - "Gracias Mils Mascaras & Akira Ifukube" (1969)

Well, I was wondering what I could ever possibly come up with that would be a new and unique Halloween treat, and by cracky, I couldn't believe it, I just fell into this rancid vat of interesting trivia for all you diehards, and here's the bottom line! After listening to this track one more time I came to realize that the "original" theme music from this 1969 Mexican feature "Las Vampiras" composed by the masestro Gustavo César Carrión, was gernerously lifted from the music from the 1963 Japanese film we just wrote about last week, with music by Akira Ifukube, "Atragon" that I can't forget, because it beat me up so bad!!

So, Gustavo, wherever you are, I know you never thought it would happen, but you're busted!! Yeah, you ran some variations, and stretched out the dum dum's to lengths way beyond belief, but there is no doubt, it's the same music. but we forgive you, man, because it's still an amazing soundtrack!! Wow, as it turns out, it seems "Atragon" was a garden of sights and sounds just ripe for the picking!!!

"Las Vampiras" is basically about three things, Vampire Women, Wrasslers, and John Carradine!!!

History tells us that John Caradine was one of the finest actors of all time. No matter what he was handed, he gave it his all! That sardonic grin is your 2008 Countdown Halloween bonus!! Enjoy it!!!

Some of the greatest masks ever!!!

María Duval, Maura Monti, Marta Romero y Mas Vampiras!!!!

John Carradine could play a goober or a Count, and he'd never blow a line, not even in Spanish!!

One of the best parts of this film, is where they're in the backseat, and they start rocking back and forth, and by the pure inertia of these two men, they are able to throw the car totally off balance, and overpower those stupid weak Vampire Women!!

And I still left out a bunch of stuff!! "Las Vampiras"!!! Try and find yourself a copy! Right!!!

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Prof. Grewbeard said...

this film and Champions of Justice are my two favorite Mil Mascaras adventures. i saw him wrestle at the Houston Colisseum in the early 70's!

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