Sunday, October 19, 2008

TOBOR THE GREAT / Republic Pictures - 1954 / Music by Howard Jackson

Tonight we have another true classic in TOBOR THE GREAT! This little Republic gem is directed by the awesome Mr. Lee Sholem! A few things he directed were: 14 episodes of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, episodes of CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, PHAROAH'S CURSE, 9 episodes of WHIRLYBIRDS, 4 episodes of MEN INTO SPACE, COLT 45, SUGARFOOT, BRONCO, CHEYENNE, MAVERICK, DEATH VALLEY DAYS, CATALINA CAPER and my favorite, DOOMSDAY MACHINE!!

And, Howard Jackson does the music. Howard started back in 1929 with the total of 261 credits!!! Here's tonight's sound clip... Tobor's Theme and Trespasser Deterrent!

At the beginning of the space race, there was an argument in favor of developing and using robots to take the place of man so that no one would have to die due to untested equipment and other unknown factors that might be encountered!..

Here's Professor Nordstrom, ready to unveil a top secret project to the American press. And, that's one cool looking gizmo he's holding!

Pretty damn impressive set for 1954, to be sure!! Lew Smith plays Tobor and is very convincing. The audience is mesmerized and amazed, especially the dirty pinko Commie there that's snuck in and's taking mental notes!

Top still shows Tobor as he prepares for space, meteors come at him so fast that he flips out! Then, the pinkos try to get into the Professor's house, but, are met with a soundtrack from WWII! They take off running! Pretty clever.

There are other ways to kidnap the Professor and his grandson, Gadge. They simply send out fake invitations for a show at the observatory! Pretty clever.

With the help of another gizmo the Professor has, Tobor picks up the trail and breaks through the guard post!

He can even drive a Jeep! And, he delivers one hell of a knock out punch!!.. Goo'night, sweet Prince!

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