Sunday, October 12, 2008

THE INVISIBLE BOY / MGM - 1957 / Music by Les Baxter

Boy!!.. Talk about a classic! After FORBIDDEN PLANET was made, and, if you were MGM, why wouldn't you reuse the best movie robot... Ever?!

Dungeon staple Les Baxter does the music tonight. Other postings we've done by Les are: PHARAOH'S CURSE, VOODOO ISLAND, PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO, GHOST IN THE INVISIBLE BIKINI and more, so check those out! Now, without further delay, here's... THE INVISIBLE BOY, ROBBIE and SUPER COMPUTER! And, notice the 'happy American family' feel in the theme! My dad took me to see this one when it came out, he was really into sci-fi!

Philip Abbott plays Dr. Tom Merrinoe, he's in charge of America's new super computer. He's also the father of Timmie Merrinoe, a kid that is just not the studious type. Kind of an insult to one of the smartest men in the world!!

So, what does dad do?.. Well, he has his son, Timmie, get some tutoring from the super computer. It totally works except that the computer is being controlled by aliens through a satellite! Timmie is hypnotized into being smart, but, also to obey commands from space! After Timmie puts Robbie back together, the computer orders him to bring the robot for an upgrade. Now, Robbie's under it's control too!

Timmie is played by Richard Eyer, who has one hell of a movie and TV resume for a kid! Rich played the genie in THE 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD, which we've already posted here.

Here's Timmie and Robbie cookin' up trouble for mom and dad! Robbie's explaining how he can make him invisible, in order to do whatever he pleases with immunity!

As the scientists try to figure out what's going wrong with the top-secret project, the super computer is hypnotizing some of them and military officers into preventing progress via sabotage. One of those scientists is Robert H. Harris (in the middle), who played Pete Dumond, the crazy make-up artist in HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER, a personal favorite of ours!

The computer orders Robbie to the rocket, where the invisible Timmie has hid away for a cool trip into space! Anything the Army can dish out, though, Robbie can take!!

Timmie and Robbie blast off into space. The computer orders Robbie to blind Timmie, but Robbie can't do it, of course!! Timmie's parents are watching the drama on that view screen, there! Mom's flippin' out!!

After the boys get back from space, the computer makes one last attempt on Timmie and his dad. Robbie comes into the room where the computer wants him to kill them, but, Robbie goes over and plows through the computer's circuits and finally the link from space is broken and the humans win again!! But, only because of Robbie The Robot!!..

Viva la Robbie!!

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