Monday, October 6, 2008

MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR - André Brummer - "Submarine Halloween" (1954)

"Monster From The Ocean Floor" was Roger Corman's second film production, (his first was "Highway Dragnet" where he was co-producer), but it was his first solo effort as producer and his very first 'Monster Movie' for sure! It was also an outing that featured the music of Mr. Henri Price, as he was known in all his later work in Ray Dennis Steckler films, and also the man responsible for all the music that wasn't done by Arch Hall in "Eegah," my personal hero and father figure, the incredible André Brummer!!! Can we have a round of applause here, please??

If you haven't figgered it out by now, any film that has Jonathan "Little Shop Of Horrors" Haze, and, or Dick "Bucket Of Blood" Miller in it, is without a doubt worth searching out for some damn reason or another, guaranteed, as far as we are concerned! Jonathan Haze, here in his first role ever, using the name Jack Hayes, plays a character named Joe! Aren't all these fine folks like crazy perfect?

Even in his early work, Roger Corman had a thing for underwater scenes for some perverse reason.

His love is like a Red, Red Rose, Good-bye Julie! Huh? Think this song is setting us up for why it's okay for people to die here??

Now I know this might sound like something out of a "Spin & Marty" episode, but if you have ever had a chance to go out on a grunion run on a dark and eerie moonlit night, and something like this came up out of the water, even though, it was just a cheap Roger Corman movie, it would still scare the living crap out of you!!!

Nobody hears you when you scream underwater!!!!

Nothing quite says Halloween like SUBMARINES, and that's why I'll be doing features on them all week long, so, grab your grog and let's go!!! This is one of the smaller subs used, and maybe the first submarine to be used in a 'Monster Movie,' unless you want to count "Zombies Of The Stratosphere" in 1952!(But we don't count that!!) Sorry I couldn't get a good screen capture of the sub doing a direct bullseye on that monster!!

Very cheap Roger, but very effectively scary!!

Everything's really great!! Don't you agree? The world is just so freakin' prefect and wonderful then, and still to this day!!! But wait a minute, that was only one of the Monsters in the world!!!! Oh, No!!!! Help Mr. Wizard!!!


prof. grewbeard said...

thanx for this! this is one early Corman film i missed, now i will seek it out diligently!

Eegah!! & Tabonga! said...

Too cool! That's exactly why we do it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about my late brother Andre Brummer.

Richard S. Brummer

Anonymous said...

Andre Brummer was an accomplished composer, conducter, sound mixer and photographer. He mentored my self and many others in our early film careers. he is greatly missed.
David E. Harshbarger

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Well, from looking at your credits Mr. Harshbarger, you must have been a good student! Things have changed so much, the likes of Andre Brummers in the future will be few and far between!

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