Tuesday, October 14, 2008

THE PROJECTED MAN / Universal - 1967 / Music by Kenneth V. Jones

Tonight, Tabonga present THE PROJECTED MAN! Music by Kenneth V. Jones who also work on THE BRAIN which we already post! Theme is great! Really capture feel of a... Projected Man!!

Here good guys Bryant Halliday, Mary Peach and Ronald Allen. They working hard to make things get projected!

Bryant try to project into big shot house to prove machine work, but something go wrong as usual!!.. Yetch!!

Projected Man have to wear rubber glove to hold sexy Tracy Crisp. When he not wearing glove, he give you painful flesh-melting shock!!.... Oh yeah, and you die!

Okay, here what it look like when Projected Man pissed at you!

Happy Halloween Everbloody!!

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Monster Music
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