Monday, May 26, 2008

THUNDERBIRDS IN OUTER SPACE - Barry Gray - "Richochet-Sun Probe" (1965-66)

The subject of "The Thunderbirds" is a little too massive for me to take on, but if you really want to get a whole lot more info with some very cool sights and sounds, check out this "Thunderbirds" homage site!! It should keep you plenty entertained for a couple of hours!!

KLA - True pirate radio!! The music in all "The Thunderbirds" TV shows and movies was by Barry Gray, who also did 20 episodes of "Space:1999" in the 70's, and numerous other interesting TV and movie projects before passing away in 1984!

Who came first, this dude Brains or Elton John??

"Thunderbirds in Outer Space"

The end segment entitled "Flying High" is performed by Gary Miller!

"Thunderbirds In Outer Space" is a little tricky to find information about, but as it turns out, it is really a movie made in 1981 strictly as a video release, that was a combination of two 1960's "Thunderbirds" UK TV episodes. Those two episodes were Series 01, #11 entitled "Sunprobe" from 1965, and #5 from Series 02, called "Ricochet," from 1966.

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Duh, Brains come first!!

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