Saturday, May 17, 2008

THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE - Irving Gertz - "I'll Kill You Alligator Man!" (1959)

Well, while we're hanging out in the swamp, we might as well continue in the same vein, albeit, the music herein this time is a lot more esoteric than in "The Dead One!" "The Alligator People" is a fairly lame motion picture, but it is also very creepy! Composer Irving Gertz's contributions to 50's and 60's monster movies is almost unsurpassed when you consider some of the titles he's composed for. Besides "The Alligator People" and "The Deadly Mantis", there's "The Monolith Monsters", "The Thing That Couldn't Die", "The Leech Woman", and "The Incredible Shrinking Man!" The crazy thing is, those are just some of the titles, there's also a slew of western, war, and detective flicks in Irving's portfolio!!!

This is a very nice shot of Bverly Garland when she hears the haunting melody on the piano, and starts descending the stairs!!!

Who'd a guessed? It's her husband, the scaly, but still handsome Richard Crane, but she still just can't quite figure it out!

Oh, No, Lon's drinkin' again!! He's got girlie pictures hanging on the wall of his shack, and when he's lonely, the evil Lennie side of him comes out!

The acting by Beverly Garland and Lon Chaney Jr. is solid.

I still wince every time I watch the scene where he punches her, especially knowing Lon had a reputation for being a pretty physical guy!! Bam!!!

"I'll Kill You Alligator Man!"

Too bad they didn't combine the best parts of this movie and the best of "Manfish" and come up with one solid movie, instead of two that just barely make it!


rodan! said...

Lon's poor hook looked horribly fake!

Eegah!! & Tabonga! said...

Yeah, but that straight right looked pretty real!!!

Greg Goodsell said...

Hell, after a couple of highballs Lon Jr. could conquer the world!

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