Tuesday, May 20, 2008

THE BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES - ARC 1955 - John Bickford (music supervisor)

Tabonga is back and tonight we doing another flick featuring cool junk by my dad, Paul Blaisdell. Also, our man Forry is string puller of rocket!! Ding Dang, it Double Doobie Tuesday!

This poster look fantastic, right?, the best, awesome!! When backers see flick for first time, well, they slightly disappointed.... Nicholson and Arkoff crazy dudes, man!!

Oh, boy, here we go! Okay, dude's name is 'Him' and sometime they call him 'He!' Drive me freakin' nutty!!

Now, some good stuff! Attack by chickens being thrown!

Oh, best part... Birds totally crap all over family car! Yeah, boy, big threat from outer space!!

This scene is whack! But, at least beast tells 'He' to clock dude driving car! Look like 'Him' really hits dude... HARD!!.. My favorite part!

Hmmmm... Look like beast have only one big ol' bloodshot eyeball!!

With no budget, hard to make scale (or, reality) work sometimes!

Paul Birch getting tired because wife is heavy and they do too many takes! Look at all the feetprints in sand!!

Wait, writer say two people who in love stronger than beast with one million eyes?, and then can topple him over too?!! What gives?! Tabonga not buying that crap!! Mr. Writer, see you in hell one day and we straighten it all out!

3... 2... 1... Blastoff with BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES


buzz said...

The beast's spaceship was really an art deco coffee pot positioned so audiences wouldn't see the spout! Blaisdell later wrote an article for MAD MONSTERS magazine (one of Forry's rivals) on how to make your own Beast puppet.

rodan! said...

A small correction - Paul's article was in FANTASTIC MONSTERS, of which he was the owner and publisher. Paul and Bob Burns were pals of Forry. But, Paul had made a negative comment about FM publisher James Warren and Warren forbade Forry to ever mention Blaisdell's name within the pages of FAMOUS MONSTERS!!

Giant Claw Jr said...

That poster makes it look like one of those chinses dragons but only with teeth and showing bird attacks some years before ALFRED HITCHCOCK and his classic movie THE BIRDS

Anonymous said...

Nuther small correction - it should say Warren forbade 4E to mention Blaisdell's name in the pages of FM AGAIN... as the very first issue had a 8 page article on Blaisdell and his many monsters

Anonymous said...

Me likey the religious subtext in this one! The "beast" represents "gawd" (listen to opening narration for confirmation), but others have pegged this factoid in print before me.

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