Thursday, May 8, 2008

THE GIANT GILA MONSTER - Jack Marshall/Don Sullivan - "Mushroom Dance Attack" (1959)

"The Giant Gila Monster" is another one of those films that was so packed with musical superstars, you almost take it all for granted. Like "Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow" or "Horror Of Party Beach," the rockin' sounds just keep on coming!!

The composer for the soundtrack in "The Giant Gila Monster" was Jack Marshall, who went on to do the music for 70 "Munsters" TV episodes. His swingin' compositions are some of the best anywhere!!!

The Masestro Paul Tanner, who played trombone and sat behind Whitey Thomas with the original Glenn Miller Orchestra, handles the job of providing the eerie elements on his invention, the electro-theremin which was a new and improved version of the original theremin. Paul also played the electro-theremin on The Beach Boys song, "Good Vibrations"!!!!! Paul is about 92 these days and still going strong!!!

Don gets a Coke, takes a swig, and hands it to Lisa who doesn't notice, so he takes another drink and now she's looking for her cue, and he's drinking it!

Old Man Harris portrayed by bass fiddle player Shug Fisher went on to play with Roy Rogers and the Sons Of The Pioneers before becoming a regular as Shorty Kellums on "The Beverly Hillbillies."

Don Sullivan, who also starred in Jerry Warren's "Teenage Zombies" does a reprise of the over the top super sweet "The Mushroom Song."

Just when Don sings the lyric "and the Lord said I created for you, a world of joy, from out of the blue" the giant lizard, which wasn't even really a gila monster, busts through the wall and scares the crap out of all the kids!! How ironic, how laconic!!!

The short guy hanging on to the tall guy in fear for his life is pretty funny!!

Don says, "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

This movie is available anywhere and everywhere for free, so there is absolutely no reason or excuse not to see it!!! None!!

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Johnny B said...

This flick aired a lot on Nashville Channel 5's "Big Show" afternoon movie in the 60s and 70s. Giant monster movies, Universal classics, monster movies of all kinds (even Brain That Wouldn't Die!) from the 30's-early 60's, Elvis flicks, Jerry Lewis films...warped this young and impressionable mind, it did!

And God bless 'em for it!

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Monster Music
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