Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 TOMBE PER UN MEDIUM (Terror Creatures From The Grave) - Aldo Piga - "The Plague" (1965)

Like all of the movies we've written about here, the Italian movie "Terror Creatures From The Grave" is another one of those "you just gotta see it" films. I mean, if you dig the plague, you're really going to enjoy this film.

The U.S. Armed Forces indoctrinated us with the stuff, so it's a joke to us, but for the rest of you, there might be a problem.

There is no clue how Barbara Steele could put up with all this and always still look great!!

That bust looks like one of those ghost ones at the end of "The Haunted Mansion" ride!

Have you ever heard The Firesign Theater's" bit about the TV show, "Name That Disease!"? It's a game show where they shoot you up with different killer diseases and you only have so much time to "Name That Disease" and if you name it, you get the antidote! It's big Laffs!!!! So, the last contestant can't name the disease, the buzzer goes off, and the announcer tells him "You've got the plague" and then every person in the audience starts whispering, 'the plague, the plague, the plague etc. etc. This movie is also good stuff for all you leper fans out there!!!

Hey, have you heard about those new Super-Infections we have now? Now that's some hilarious stuff!!! So, if you're not sick enough to die at home, go to a hospital, and they'll take care of it for you, for sure!!! Happy New Year!!

Well, I guess Barbara doesn't really look that great here!

The music for this movie also known as "Coffin Of Terror" is composed by Aldo Piga, who we've written about here before for his amazing work on one of our favorite films, "The Vampire And The Ballerina." Here, Aldo's work is all over the place, and the opening sequence lives in a world of it's own, like no other! Rumbling drums and penny whistles with karate chop horns!! Cool stuff Aldo, right to the end! Thanx!!!!

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