Wednesday, May 7, 2008

THE NASTY RABBIT - Arch Hall - "Jackie" (1964)

First off, this is what you need to do before attempting to watch this movie!!

I almost forgot this was still laying around, one of my least favorite songs from what is indubitably the worst Arch Hall film, "The Nasty Rabbit." I've carped about it enough times already, so let's just get it going.

All the guys have got eyes for "Jackie"!!! This was Sharon Ryker's only appearance on film, so you better make the most of it!!

Jackie only has eyes for our hero, Britt!

This is a cute little scene where Arch and the boys are serenading Jackie. Actually, after multiple listenings, this song is starting to grow on me, like a fungus! You know, it just makes you want to take Arch and throw him in the pool!!!

Just to show you it was a joke, here's a picture of the whole cast together. See, they were just acting, they really like each other. There's not really a bomb!!


tabonga!! said...

This Eegah's weirdest post ever!!!

rodan! said...

Arch must have been experimenting with that early '60s British sound!

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