Saturday, May 10, 2008

EARTH vs. THE SPIDER aka THE SPIDER - 1958 AIP/Mr. BIG - (Albert Glasser / Theme)

Tabonga again!.. Tonite is 'theme that likes to beat you up' by one of our faves, Mr. Albert Glasser! Tabonga like the theremin and intrusive surprise element it use to sucker punch you in nose! Win by KO!!

Above is pic of Dave the motorcycle cop after little run-in with big, bad spider, dummy made by my dad, Paul Blaisdell! Dad also make big spider leg in gym.

Get ready, here's... "Earth vs. The Spider" theme!


Always nice to see parents mentioned! You know, I think dad make that web and spider there too!

Here is funny shot of Gene Roth taking a leak because they make him stand in for self!!

Wow, look, a shoe box!! Tabonga had uncle with two! Nothing more Tabonga care about than old, vintage jalopies! Everyone have to treat with much respect!

Oh, nice Buick!.. Wait, it had crash!! Hey, who could crash such classic car like that?!! WHO CAN BE THAT STUPID IDIOT??!!!

Oh, yeah, great, look, big surprise!!... Woman driver!...... HAVE FUN IN HELL, YOU DUMB BROAD!!!


Don't know why this kid didn't get an Academy Award! Shame on you, Mr. BIG!

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buzz said...

EARTH vs THE SPIDER aka THE SPIDER is probably one of Mr. B.I.G.'s better efforts. The "dumb broad" has caught her dress in the door of the car and in panic doesn't think to open the door to free herself before the spider is upon her. (BTW Mr. B.I.G. frequently cross promoted his films in hiw own movies; you'll see ATTACK OF THE PUPPET PEOPLE on the movie marquee and in once scene the teen hero mentions wanting to see a movie about "an amazing colossal man".) The crying kid is a surprisingly poignant scene; the aftermath of the giant spider attack with most iof the town in hiding is quite well done. Gene Fowler Jr. was the son of novelist/screenwriter Gene Fowler and also the director of I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE.

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