Friday, May 2, 2008

BLOOD BATH (Track Of The Vampire) - Ronald Stein - "Sordi" (1966)

"Spider Baby" creator and Francis Ford Coppola associate Jack Hill just misses the mark on this film, which I chalk up to casting mostly, but despite all that, this movie has one of the jazziest scores that Ronald Stein has ever composed, unfortunately, this terrific music fails to rescue this movie from the doldrums!!!

It's quite a stretch to think that Sordi's art really appeals to this lady, but then, the original name of this film is "Blood Bath"!!!!

Some costumed revelers celebrating come across Sordi as the vampire and the one guys says, "Man, Look at those fangs, they're better than mine!"!!

William Campbell is really excellent as demented artist/vampire Antonio Sordi, and all the women he kills are great, but the counter character lot of beatnik artist wannabees still just doesn't work.

The production company for this movie was "Avala Film" who produced 400 movies since 1947, and besides this film, you'd be lucky if you had ever heard of one of them unless you are from Yugoslavia!!! Amazing!!!!

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BillyWitchDoctor said...

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