Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FANTASTIC VOYAGE - Leonard Rosenman - "Antibodies" (1966)

Big budget films weren't nearly as much fun as a Roger Corman or Jerry Warren film, but every once in a while they did something fairly intriguing like "Fantastic Voyage" that had a lot of interesting visuals, and music to go with them. "Rebel Without A Cause" and "East Of Eden" composer Leonard Rosenman, who, unfortunately just passed away a couple of months ago, had 50 years of contributions to Hollywood music, and that is quite 'fantastic' unto itself!!

Hey Buddy, can you give me directions to the nearest Headshop?

You know, it just ain't cool when the doctors working on you are all wringing their hands and look like this!!!

Let's give a big hand to Craven Walker, the creator of the 'Lava Lamp' for his influence here!!!

Who says Raquel Welch can't act?

After Raquel is attacked, they are stuck on the horns of a dilemma trying to detach these little antibody beggars from every part of her body tactfully!!!

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Monster Music
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