Thursday, May 15, 2008

THE HEADLESS GHOST - Gerard Schurmann - "Ghost Dance" (1959)

This is yet another Herman Cohen Production, so it's no wonder that the music is once again by Gerard Schurmann, the same composer Herman used on "Horrors Of The Black Museum" and "Konga!" Unfortunately, "The Headless Ghost" is a rather droll little film with actors and a plot that's pretty hard to care about, and basically, it's one saving grace is this dance number that the ghosts share with the kids.

The ever so stunning Josephine Blake dances up a storm as the ghost dancer, and Gerald's music rocks out like a George Martin production of "Aladdin!"

London stage performer Josephine, definately had it going on!!!

She shimmies............and.......

She struts for the headless ghost guy, too bad he can't see her! After that, the dance is over and it's dullsville all over again!! Probably the low point of Herman Cohen's monster movies as far as we're concerned, but at least he has all those other classic killer titles to his name, so we'll forgive him for this one!!!


Greg Goodsell said...

Shake it baby, shake it.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR THE REPOST!! Merry Christmas, guys!

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Monster Music
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