Friday, May 16, 2008

THE DEAD ONE (Blood Of The Zombie) - Joe Burton - Joe Jones Orchestra - "Bourbon Street" (1961)

Back in 1964 we created the first issue of "Dwrayger Dungeon!" It was a run of approximately 18 copies and was mimeographed in my Mom's office at the school where she worked. It was all but dead after one issue until we came up with this online version last year! One of the articles in that first issue was, "Ralphie's Reviews - Twenty-Five Worst Movies." #13 on the list was "The Dead One," and I quote the review, "The Dead One" is dead. Ain't that a relief?" 
Now, like 44 years later, things are a lot clearer! "The Dead One" is still alive and well, and has some of the coolest jazz that you will ever find in any release of the time and probably ever. The movie opens on Bourbon Street in 'Nawlins, and "The Joe Burton Trio" is hot!!! It's truly amazing how one of the worst movies ever made could also have some of the best music. This is pure gin and tonic jazz, and is great from start to finish! They just forgot one thing, it's 1961, kids like rock, not jazz, kids go to these monster movies, not adults, what were they thinking? 
There's some crazy music and they play it loud down at the 500 Club, when I said Joe sent me, some one laughed out loud, down at the 500 Club!! 
There's some smokey honkin' sax music and crazy dialogue going on down at "The Dream Room!" 
Nice honeymoon!! This dude just gets married and where does he take his new blushing bride? Bourbon Street jazz bars and strip clubs!! 
Ah, Bella Bella, "Come on boys, she'll really work for you if you applaud!" 
Then we move on down the street to see the ever so talented "Joe Jones Orchestra" blowing some of the hottest Dixie around, guaranteed!! 
Meanwhile, you almost forgot we had this whole other story going on! "Kill, Kill, Kill!!! 
And then the Michael Jackson impersonator, aka the zombie, shows up!!! And who is responsible for all this madness?? From Bakersfield, Calif, Barry Mahon wrote, directed, and produced "The Dead One" before going on to produce scores of early 60's nudie cutie peepshow movies, with titles like "Hot Skin, Cold Cash" and "Hollywood Nudes Report." This is the same Barry Mahon who was held prisoner during WWII, and was the basis for the character portrayed by Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape"!! Whew!!!!! Too bad Barry passed away in 1999, because I'm sure he had some great stories still left to tell!! Barry was an artiste of the highest caliber and we're lucky to be able to see just this little bit of what was inside his mind!!


Allen's Brain said...

Good illustration on the cover!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Dead Guy real scary tooling around at 1/2 mile an hour!!

Greg Goodsell said...

I was going through my bookshelf the other day when this fanzine jumped out and bit me!

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Monster Music
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