Sunday, April 27, 2008

UCHU DAISENSO (Battle In Outer Space) - Akira Ifukube - "See You Later" (1959)

One of the earlier outings for the Toho, Honda, Ifukube team, the credits are filled with more familiar names and faces.

All the early Japanese Sci-Fi stuff is worth searching for, no matter what, there's always lots of excellent eye candy, and this music is just absolutely crazy!

Last time we saw Yoshio Tsuchiya, he was a "Human Vapor." Here, in the role of Iwomura, he just wants to go kiss some girls!!

In "Battle In Outer Space" we only get a brief glimpse of the jazz skills of Akira Ifukube, as some hot music is playing on the radio before the car gets transported through space and time.

Pretty cool sequence of shooting through time conceptually pre-dating "2001" by almost a decade with drums from beyond anywhere!

And so Iwomura ends up in traffic in the middle of the city and has no idea what happened, with a look on his face not too far removed from Dorothy in the "The Wizard Of Oz."

This is just a great shot! period!! Nuff said!!

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