Wednesday, April 2, 2008

DAIKAIJU KUCHUSEN: GAMERA TAI GYAOSU (Gamera Vs Gaos) - Tadashi Yamauchi - "Return Of The Giant Monsters" (1967)

Unlike all the Toho films directed by Ishirô Honda, the Gamera films came from the Daiei Studios, and there is really a different feel to them.

The music from "Gamera Vs Gaos" is by Tadashi Yamauchi and is really very spacey, jazzy, and bizarre!!! These guys are hilarious, and it's always a good idea to stick humor in there right when the world is about to be totally destroyed and wiped out by a gigantic bat!!!

It's orchestrated creepy smooth sax until they turn the radio on, and we're treated to some super lounge music with guitar until Gaos shows back up and scares the tar out of the two dummies!

Gaos, dude, you gotta lay off the beer and pizza, or your gut's going to be bigger than Tokyo! Looks like he's on that George Foreman diet!

"Gamera Vs Gaos" is a great movie and worth tracking down for these scenes alone! At least these days, if you weren't lucky enough to see it the first time around, you can at least rent a copy!

Now if you're not confused enough, this crazy movie was also released as "Return Of The Giant Monsters."


Greg Goodsell said...

That Gaos -- you could play ping-pong on the top of his head!

tabonga!! said...

One time, Tabonga wrassle Gaos!.. Gaos win.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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