Monday, April 14, 2008

L'AMANTE DEL VAMPIRO (The Vampire And The Ballerina) - Aldo Piga - "The Vampire's Dead" (1960)

I keep saying that it just doesn't get better, or that this is the best yet, and just as far as pure music is concerned, this song by Aldo Piga from the 1960 Italian classic, "The Vampire And The Ballerina," is no exception, and it really doesn't get much better, throwing you a variety of styles and moods in just a little over 3 minutes of pure inspiration that only had to end because Louisa fainted!!

This is probably the best choreographed and talented dance group since The Diane Nellis Dancers in "She-Demons."

Stretching to the music, gazing pensively into the fire and thinking about how she wishes her boyfriend was hot like Tabonga!!

Besides the fantastic music, this movie is obviously worth seeking out for the dance rehearsal numbers alone!

Here is "The Vampire's Dead!"

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Greg Goodsell said...

Ya gotta love those leotards!

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