Monday, April 21, 2008

BLUE DEMON CONTRA LAS DIABOLICAS - El Klan - "That's A Wrap" (1968)

"Blue Demon Contra Las Diabolicas" had so much music in it, it's almost like a Mexican "Help" without The Beatles, and with Blue Demon and El Klan instead!! Any music not by El Klan should be credited to the composers Gustavo César Carrión and Ernesto Cortázar Jr. whose combined credits are over 350 films, with Gustavo having over 315 film credits by himself!!! Aiieee!!!

Would somebody please, get this poor girl some more Tequila!!!!

The combined effect of "The Klan" the Tequila, and whatever else they've ingested kicks in right about here!!!

We actually had 3 more pieces of music from this film, but there was some repetition, so I trimmed them down, and mixed 'em up for your enjoyment so we can move on, because there's still a lot more we got to cover. We really did think our work would have been done by now, but besides what we have in the can, Tabonga just found another unbelievable 28 titles washed up on the beach, & I found another 13 buried in the desert out near Onyx, so I guess we have a way to go yet! Who woulda thunk???

"Blue Demon Contra Las Diabólicas"

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Greg Goodsell said...

My eyes ... are going bad -- everything's blurry .......

Monster Music

Monster Music
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