Tuesday, April 15, 2008

THE GREEN SLIME - Charles Fox & Toshiaki Tsushima "Battle Beyond The Stars" (1968)

"The Green Slime" is a Japanese film, but instead of a solo star like Raymond Burr or a Nick Adams, the whole cast is Caucasian. It's also a very cool film with horrific monsters and an equally horrifying love triangle! "You don't love Vince, you pity him! You love me!!"

Classic case study in how because of circumstances beyond your control, like being in outer space with a bunch of monsters and morons, "sometimes you just have to get along!" The stupid too small helmets were a really bad wardrobe choice!

This musical bit starts with some stupefyingly TJB loungey background music and a conversation from further out than space, that's followed by some squeaky squawky monster scenes with some more cool space music, and ending with, "Now, Lieutenant, take her down" followed by a short reprise of the amazing theme song, sung by the drummer for the surf band "The Challengers," Richard Delvy, delivering one of the best vocals of all time!

Just look at them! These guys don't stand a chance!!!

As anyone who has ever watched a Power Rangers episode knows, posing is very important!! Case closed!

"After the Destruction of Space Station Gamma: Big Military Operation"


rodan! said...

Robert Horton was a customer at a frame shop I worked at in LA in 1994 - Wow, what a great guy!!

Greg Goodsell said...

Those helmets have got to go!

buzz said...

What's cool is watching this picture today and seeing big hunks of ALIEN/ALIENS/ALIEN RESURRECTION and ARMAGEDDON years before those films were made!

Bubbashelby said...

True story - my Mom and Uncle were extras in this flick.

Matter of fact I'm pretty sure my Uncle is one of those tiny helmet wearing guys in those group shots.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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