Sunday, April 6, 2008

THE ILLUSTRATED MAN - Jerry Goldsmith - "Want A Cup Of Coffee?" (1969)

"The Illustrated Man" is curious but unsatisfying all at the same time. It's a very uncomfortable movie, and I'm sure that is just the way author Ray Bradbury would like it to be, but something just doesn't click right, it's beautiful to look at and unpredictable as can be, but manages to end up just being kind of meaningless, and you wish you had your hour and a half+ back, so you could watch "Mission Stardust" or something fun like "Creature Of Destruction" instead! That's it, the movie just takes itself too serious!


Rod Steiger is just kind of obnoxious in a boorish kind of way, and you just wish he'd get on with whatever's bugging him and get over it, but then I guess there'd be no story!

Incredible 10 or 20 hour days of make-up! James E. Reynolds is the man to thank for the "Skin Illustrations!"

Composer Jerry Goldsmith has a massive resume including composer of the music for 18 episodes of Boris Karloff's "Thriller" and another 7 episodes of "The Twilight Zone!" Classically trained, he wasn't afraid of experimenting with sound or electronics, as you will hear when listening to this piece. Jerry passed away in 2004, but sure left us a ton of music to enjoy! Thank-You Sir!!!!

Now you really can't blame these evil kids for not wanting to give up this cool playground!! Better than the fort we used to have!

You guys are a bunch of weenies, what do you mean you're cold and tired?

Right about this point in the film, you really start to squirm, and the actors just seem really miserable, and it's like, can you just get out of the rain please, or I'm going to have to go to the restroom!

Now if none of this makes any sense, then you're just going to have to go out and rent this film yourself to really understand, but that might not even do the trick!

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Greg Goodsell said...

When this was first shown on the CBS Late Night Movie in the Seventies, it included the swimmer's BARE ASS in the credits uncut!

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Monster Music
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