Thursday, April 24, 2008

GLI AMANTI D'OLTRETOMBA - Ennio Morricone - "Piano And Strings" (1965)

It's not often we get requests, but I must admit this was a little piece we let slip, I just didn't think it was that exciting the first time I heard it, but now after several listens, I'm glad 'anonymous' suggested we include it.

This is really a gorgeous tune, and it's just long enough to not be annoying! Barbara has just sat down to play the piano and her lover is coming up the stairs.

She's starting to get ready for the biggest mistake of her life!!!

The Ennio Morricone Strings start to flourish right about the time they embrace!!! These were definitely happier times for them!!!

And this all happens at the very beginning of this wicked movie! You have no idea what is in store, but to put it bluntly, it ain't pretty!! A true bloody horror classic!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post - and for that third vidcap!

And here's a personal aside: last year, I was shopping in my local Ralphs supermarket store in Los Angeles. Every now and then you see a celebrity. Well, this day I saw a very familiar face in one of the aisles. It was Barbara Steele!

What's even more strange is that I saw her again a few weeks later - she was with her realtor checking out the house for sale right across the street from me. Although she didn't end up buying it, I always wonder what it would have been like to live across the street from my favorite horror movie actress!

Greg Goodsell said...

Break out the chains for a real swinging time, Babs!

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Monster Music
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