Thursday, April 17, 2008

DEVILS OF DARKNESS - Bernie Fenton - "Zora" (1965)

"Devils Of Darkness" starts off with an astounding musical gypsy dance sequence as good as any filmed just to get you going, kind of like an appetizer at a Basque restaurant!!

The simply amazing music for "Devils Of Darkness" is some of the most solid we've ever had a chance to listen to lately, but do a search on composer Bernie Fenton and your results will be this blog and a lot of blank links! He only has credits for one other movie that he did before this one, "Tomorrow At Ten!" Born in 1921, he worked with a number of bands as pianist, including Johnny Claes before joining Oscar Rabin in 1942. He was with the Tito Burns Sextet and played in the Johnny Dankworth Quartet with Joe Muddel and Laurie Morgan. In the 80s and 90s he was featured with the Glenn Miller tribute band!

The hipsters are just too much, and really stoned has always been very hard to capture on film, because nothing works as well as your own imagination!! Just wait til those bongos kick in!!!

Here's some super cool jazz with some Dave Brubeck stylings and some sexy conversation about scrambled eggs and non-stick pans!!

There's something unmistakably beautiful about British birds, like nowhere else on the planet except maybe Oildale!

Sometimes, I wish I could show you so many more of the great stills, and then I realize, oh, yeah, watch the movie!!! Is this a great smoking tiki still or what????

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Greg Goodsell said...

Why can't I luck into swinging parties like this one?

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