Wednesday, December 5, 2007

PROJECT MOONBASE - Herschel Burke Gilbert - "Theme Song" (1953)

Herschel Burke Gilbert was another one of those amazing musical talents whose career in film & TV as composer or music supervisor just goes on and on and on! Besides all the movies he worked on, the list of 1960's television shows is mind boggling. "Rawhide", "Gunsmoke", Perry Mason", 38 episodes of "Assignment: Underwater", and 32 episodes of "Gilligan's Island," just to name a few. This music from "Project Moonbase" is very orchestrated, but also very spacey! Here's...Project Moonbase


Greg Goodsell said...

This film was rather prescient with its vision of an elderly woman as an "earth president." Paging Hillary Clinton. Don't like the skullcaps, trhat seem on loan from "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T."

Lacey said...

This was a pilot for a proposed TV series that never got off the ground.

Too bad too. It might have been good.

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