Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LAST WOMAN ON EARTH - Ron Stein - "Craps Radio Hotel" (1960)

"Last Woman On Earth" is an interesting film in many aspects, it's just not real interesting to watch. Basically made with only 3 actors in Puerto Rico, why? Because they were there! The extraordinary acting skills of Betsy Jones-Moreland & Anthony Carbone just aren't enough, because there's just something missing in this one, but the swinging sounds supplied by Ron Stein play on mostly in the background, setting the scene in the casino & on the island to good effect!
In The Casino
Island Radio Betsy Jones-Moreland is undoubtedly a great choice, if you had to make one, to be the "Last Woman On Earth!" At least that part works for us!!

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Greg Goodsell said...

Love Betsy's poignant, "Mirror, mirror on the wall" speech and her use of the lisptick.

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Monster Music
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