Friday, December 7, 2007

DEMENTIA - George Antheil - "Opening Credits" (1955)

Surprise, Surprise! Here's the most incredible gift of the season for all you Art Fiends!! There's no place to begin or end when writing about the film "Dementia." It just crosses too many boundaries with the story, the characters, the actors, the musicians & everyone else having anything to do with it! Since there is no dialogue, this movie is 113% music, from the orchestrated theme by George Antheil, combined with the soaring vocals of Marni Nixon, to the super hip jazzy contributions from trumpeter supreme Shorty Rogers and His Giants, all thrown together by Musical Director genius Ernest Gold! For now, here's the music from the opening credits. Seriously consider getting this movie, it is readily available, and you will have the happiest depressing time of your life and your collection won't be complete without it!


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Greg Goodsell said...

I always found the heroine in this film to be a rather butch lesbian, and the wailing of the incomparable marni Nixon is just -- too much!

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Monster Music
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