Saturday, December 8, 2007

IN THE YEAR 2889 - Quinn O'Hara - "The Clincher" (1967)

Larry, Larry, Rah, Rah, Rah!! This creepy little movie is one of Larry's Buchanan's better efforts, I'd say. You've got some real great characters with Mr. Clean Paul Peterson as the chain smoking hero, Hugh Feagin as Mickey, a real believable psycho & Quinn O'Hara, who went from from Sinistra to Jada with Cathy in between in about a year's time, as a stripper. Most of the music in this film is orchestral, but after Jada gets drunk, she decides to show off a little for everyone, but the Captain breaks the record, literally. With rebel Larry's vision, 2889 looks the same as 1967! Way Cool! Here's...Jada


Greg Goodsell said...

The monster in this one is -- bleah! I hope that when the world ends, I get to stay in a house this nice and all of the green, lush vegetation stays as is!

Lacey said...

This is another color remake of a 50s "classic."

It was done to feed the drive-in market who needed cheap movies now in color for their audience.

Anonymous said...

My most-often viewed Larry B Movie, thanks to the dollar DVD I bought over a decade ago that *repeats by itself* ad infinitum! (Can be found in the Time Travelers 4-movie set along with Journey to the Center of Time, The Day Time Ended, and Idaho Transfer, all of which seem to repeat on their own also!)

I popped in the DVD with In The Year 2889 one summer about a decade ago when I was sick as a dog in bed for a week, only to discover this miraculous auto-repeat property! Since my awareness of the film goes back to my film school daze in Cali when I found it on some crappy UHF station from Sacramento, I've loved it ever since. So kick me, but I keep the DVD near my sickbed, if ever the need arises (or hurls forth) again!

Love everything about 2889, especially the late Charla Doherty and Quinn O'Hara...may they both find better roles on the Other Side... -KD

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx for diggin' through the archives KD and sharing your stories! You would be a good candidate for a guest post!

Anonymous said...

I've done enough guest posts elsewhere in the past, and only gained haters and stalkers as a result. But thanks! Just enjoying your site as a welcome diversion (especially since only finding youze guyze quite recently) from preparing to shoot a micro-budget feature come the first month of '18.

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