Saturday, December 1, 2007

BEGINNING OF THE END - Lou Bartel-Harriet Kane - "Natural, Natural Baby" (1957)

This way far beyond classic film starts right off with this Xtra cool little tune composed by Lou Bartel & Harriet Kane & performed by Lou Bartel & The Chorus called "Natural, Natural Baby." It's a really great little song that gets cut off way too abruptly but, Oh well, we gotta take what we can get, & it's a good one, albeit too short! It's followed by the brilliant opening credit music by B.I.G. stalwart Albert Glasser.

Natural Beginning Baby

Eilene Janssen is the girl making out in the car at the beginning of the "Beginning Of The End" and she was in every memorable TV show of the 60's you can think of, like fr'instance, "Fireside Theatre" as Nancy, "Make Room For Daddy" as Peggy, "Dobie Gillis" as Emily Busby, "My Three Sons" as Jill, etc, etc, and she had been in the movies since 1944 when she played Patsy at age 4 in "Two Girls & A Sailor! Here she just has to make out & scream, but she does a great job!And sometime around here we need to pay homage to the admirable & formidable Morris Ankrum who portrayed a Mayor, Judge, General, Doctor, Professor, Marshall, Captain & or Chief in enough movies to make your head spin. Whew, a B.I.G. Thanx Morris!!

Kirk Alyn was "Superman" in 1948 and played the uncredited bomber pilot in this movie. Keep on flyin' one way or another Kirk!


Greg Goodsell said...

Giant crickets -- being pulled by strings off a giant photo of the Wrigley building! Classic!

Anonymous said...

I agree the opening tune "Natural, Natural Baby" is awesome HERE IS THE WHOLE RECORD if you want to check it out. The part Bert I Gordon used comes on about 1:40 into the song. Enjoy!

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