Friday, December 14, 2007

THE ASTRO-ZOMBIES - Nico Karaski - "Opening Credits" (1968)

Okay All You Misfits! This one's for you! Keepin' in the holiday spirit, this here's the cool & groovy music from the opening scene of "The Astro-Zombies." This music composed by Nico Karaski aka Nicholas Carras just screams 1968!! Nicholas was the composer for "She Demons", "Missile To The Moon", "Frankenstein's Daughter" & also some early cool JD flicks.

The Gorgeous Jean Pirie was in this one scene, gets killed in the garage & her acting career is over!This movie's worth watching just to see this ultra-exotic couple, Tura Satana & Rafael Campos as Satana & Juan. You'll probably remember Tura from her earlier work in "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", & the Dominican born Rafael had been around since 1955 playing characters like Angel Chavez, Carlos, Hussein, Half Arrow, Pachito, Swift Cloud, Valdez, Paco, Alonzo, Luis, Felipe, Pee Wee, Nacho, Chico, Santo, et cetera, etc. What an amazing talent, and so very well schooled in the use of a switchblade.

Barabara Richards only other roles were as a waitress in "Spirit Of The Wind" in 1979 & "Backsteet Dreams" in 1990. I guess she was able to live off the royalties she got over the years for appearing as 'the girl strapped to the table' in The Astro-Zombies

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Greg Goodsell said...

In spite of the presence of Tura Satana, I found this movie as boring as hell!

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