Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE - Huddleston/Smith Jr. - "Cat Fight" (1966)

Leave it to Harold P. Warren to have a vision of Manos' dead siren wives having a cat fight on a secluded beach, and then actually doing it with an incredible pounding jazz score driven by manic piano, bass & drums & some super cool searing alto sax. Man, Oh, Man, "this foolishness must stop!" It's the day of ladies dancing, & the only way you can dance effectively to this music, is to wrassle, so, Go, You Glow Manos Gals, Go-Go!

"The Women Are Fighting"


Anonymous said...

As the 'bots in the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 30000 episode say during the catfight sequence, "This is the REAL reason this movie exists!"

-- Greg Goodsell

tyler said...

this is awesome! I genuinely enjoy the music from this movie.

Lacey said...

"Designing Women," the lost episode.

By far the worst movie AFTER "The island of Dr. Moreau (1996).

However, one of the best Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes.

Go figure.

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