Tuesday, December 11, 2007

IL MOSTRO DI VENEZIA (The Embalmer) - Marcello Gigante - "Embalmer Jam" (1965)

Well, nothing quite says X-mas like the words "The Embalmer", so in the true spirit of the holiday season, here's a couple of final pieces from that movie, a long jam of different scenes & another smokin' short piece at the club. You're in for a real treat! This stuff starts off like "Guzanos", just wait til you hear that extra grubby guitar, bass & drums, followed by all those cool horns & strings coming in from different angles, and then...."Hi!"

Embalmed Jam

..."Why don't you dance with that pretty girl?" Wow, would we like to hear about a 5 minute version of that song! Sheeesh! You know, some of these composers are so incredible, and at the same time virtually unknown, it really is a shame! So, now that you're informed, lift your glasses high, & let's all have one giant toast to the absolute genius of Marcello Gigante! Ciao!

Dance With That Pretty Girl

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Greg Goodsell said...

I like the rather older lady, who's rather zaftig screaming her heart out on this movie's trailer.

Monster Music

Monster Music
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