Thursday, December 27, 2007


Initially this was going to be a comparison of two of the most ridiculous dance numbers ever filmed in monster movies, then after looking at the stills, I started thinking that as bad as the music was, the dance sequences looked great together, so like any up and coming Jerry Warren or K. Gordon Murray, I decided they should be just one piece. If you look real hard, you will notice every other picture is from either "The Maze" or "Fire Maidens From Outer Space," including the monsters & the screams!

If they had just used some rock or swing music in these dance bits, these films would have been a lot more interesting & popular today!!!

The music from the Cannes club scene in "The Maze" is bad enough, but it's 10 times better than the drivel they used in "Fire Maidens Of Outer Space," so instead of the dance music, here's the sound/music from the guys in the spaceship!
Space Sounds

And let's don't forget that in "Fire Maidens Of Outer Space," this dude was using an adding machine to calculate their trajectory, this might be part of the problem....13


Anonymous said...

THE MAZE was originally filmed and released in 1953 in 3-D along with IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, ROBOT MONSTER(!!!) and others. I guess that a big old frog-dude jumping at the camera is pretty spooky in 3-D!

Anonymous said...

The music from FIRE MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE is by Borodin, a passage from the Polyvestian Dances. I rather like it, and it's one of the very few classical music CDs that I own. You may remember the melody from the lounge classic, "Stranger In Paradise." "Take me! I'm a stranger in paradise ....."

-- Greg Goodsell

Greg Goodsell said...

Ooops! A mispelling -- it's Borodin: Polovetsian Dances from the Opera "Prince Igor" (Kalmus Miniature Orchestra Scores No. 68).

Lacey said...

A lot of these cheap scifi classics of this time used classical music when they could. It was available and you did not have to pay for it.

Short sighted I agree, but when you have a budget of 10 or 20 thousand dollars you skimp where you can.

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??