Monday, December 24, 2007

SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS - Milton Delugg & Roy Alfred - "Hooray For Santa Claus" (1964)

Composer Milton Delugg went on to have a very distinguished career working on some of our favorite TV game shows, "The Jan Murray Show, aka Charge Account", "What's My Line?", & the all-time classic Chuck Barris production, "The Gong Show" among a slew of other things, and was still composing music for films in 2007 !! Thanks Milt!! There's really nothing else new or unique to say about "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians," except, here it is!! We would like to take a moment & say Merry M-Mas & Happy Holidays to all of you out there that have been visiting this blog & a special hearty thanx to all the kind folks, like our blog mentor Reverend Tom Frost (where are you Tom?), Buzz, Flinty, Elisabeth, Audrey, Ralph, Kate, Greg, Annie, Paul, Dennis, Max, Intoxicating, Ann O-Dyne, and anonymous, who have been kind enough to take the time to leave a comment or two. Cheers!

Uh, Oh, Looks like time is running out!!!

Who cares? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho, Ho! Just sing along!

Hooray For Santy Claus!!!


Anonymous said...

I may be a little late on this one but the band Sloppy Seconds does a great cover of Hooray for Santa Claus on their Lonely Christmas EP.

Greg Goodsell said...

When we showed this at the Bakersfield Alternative Movie Society, people were cracking wise -- and then everybody LEFT! This thing can clear an auditorium in no time flat!

Lacey said...

THAT is why you only show the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version.

My father says he actually went to the theater and saw this when he was in second grade.

It explains so much.

Keep up the good work.

Douglas McEwan said...

The Wham-O Air Blasters painted black used as Martian ray guns in this abortion-on-film always make me laugh.

For a while, 30 years ago, I lived next door to the son of Nick Webster, who directed this movie. (The young man's aunt was one of the vampire brides in the Lugosi DRACULA) He had visited the set while it was being shot, when he was only 8 years old. He noticed that the airlock doors on the space ship had big slits above them into the arch around them. The kid asked the set designer about them, and the designer crowed about how cool and outer-spacey they looked. The kid then pointed out the obvious fact that had utterly escaped the idiot designer, that the slits would mean all the air in the ship would be sucked out into space, and everyone aboard would die. The designer couldn't actually say: "Shut up and go away, smart ass," because the kid was his boss's son, but it was clear he didn't like being made to look like a pinhead by an 8 year old who was clearly smarter than he was.

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