Friday, April 15, 2022

WILLIE WHOPPER In "Rasslin' Round" - 1934

Here's a Willie Whopper cartoon from 88 years ago, where, rasslin' was a popular past time attended by a packed house of spectators...

Little Willie is shining a man's shoes and notices the championship wrestling match coming up. He starts acting out and telling the man about the time he beat up the champ, the Masked Marvel, and won the championship!!

Willie gets limbered up by a trainer, but good!

And here's the Masked Marvel getting ready for the match.

To show off his inhuman strength, he chews the barbell in half, just to start with!

On the way to the ring, I guess his girlfriend, waves and cheers him on. It's a pretty wild bunch of characters in the background!

Finally, the announcer introduces the wrasslers to the jeers and cheers of the fans in attendance, it's a packed house!

The time keeper looks at his watch, and when it's time, he takes a big mallet and rings a carnival bell... Fight!

Willie's surprisingly quick on his feet and has MM in a very painful leg lock!.. And you see this guy yelling.. "Geeve eet to heem, Willie!"

Wow, who knew Willie was such a tiger!

Masked Marvel can' find Willie after he landed on him, that steamroller effect.

This part is pure insanity, MM's in a foot lock, a hot dog seller comes by, Willie takes some mustard, grabs a bun, and chomps down on the brute's toes!!.. ??

Now it's time for Willie to take some punishment, like being slammed around like a rag doll.

At the end of a round, his girlfriend hands him a tube of cold cream!.. Again, ??

Willie coats himself with the cream and heads out to fight the beast... I was thinking that cold cream isn't very slippery, is it? Say like, cooking oil or butter?.. Oh well.

Masked Marvel just can't get a grip on Willie, and is wearing himself out from his attempts to get ahold of the little fart.

Then, Willie makes the mistake of pulling off Masked Marvel's mask!

Willie snaps back to the real world and notices that the Masked Marvel is the guy in the seat, and it's time for him to eat his words!..

But, MM goes all fairy and says... Oh, you naaasty man! Okay class is over today, have a good weekend, and don't forget to pet your doggies and kitties!

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kd said...

Those old B&W cartoons were really WILD, compared to most of the later, color ones. I love the exaggerated expressions!

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