Friday, April 1, 2022


Here's one of my favorite episodes from this great cartoon series, from 22 years ago!

Spongebob and Patrick have just had a happy day at their favorite place, Glove World, and are waiting for the bus to take them back home...

Of course they take the wrong bus and are headed for a deep, dark place called Rock Bottom.

Alright, they have finally arrived at their destination...

Rock Bottom!

Patrick needs to use the can, but, him and Spongebob can't figure out which door he needs to go in, the writing is whack. So, they decide to wait for 'someone' to come out so that they can determine which door is for guys. It doesn't go well.

Spongebob tells Patrick to wait for the bus back to Bikini Bottom while he goes to the bus station for a schedule... And the bus takes off with Patrick inside!

So, our little knucklehead is stranded, waiting for another bus to arrive. The wind kicks up and his balloon slips out of his hand.

A citizen shows up and starts chasing down Spongebob's balloon, but Spongebob just wants to go home, who cares about a stupid old balloon anyway! 

The little guy's stomach is growling and he wants to get some kelp chips from the vending machine across the street from the bus stop. A number of busses slip by as he's always on the wrong side of the street. He's getting frantic.

He even tries to camouflage himself as a bench, which gets him nowhere.

Spongebob has had it and goes to the bus station for help...

After waiting in a very long line, for hours, it's his turn, but, the last bus just left!

Spongebob is very angry and demands that the clerk listen to his displeasure, and suddenly all the lights go out! Well, at least he'll be first in line when it opens again... But he starts hearing strange noises, like someone giving him the raspberries, and he runs back outside.

Outside, he keeps hearing creepy sounds, and starts running, and runs square into the vertical road the busses go up and down on. The noise keeps getting closer!

Well, it's the guy who chased down Spongebob's balloon, he ties the balloon to the scaredy-cat's tiny wrist.

As the guy is blowing up the balloon, Spongebob complains that, what good is his balloon going to do him, he just needs get back home!

Still complaining, Spongebob starts floating up and away.

And it isn't long before our little friend drifts back to Bikini Bottom and he lands safely at his pineapple. There you go, a fun little adventure on a Friday!

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