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NEW WAVE THEATRE - "Episode # 5" (1982)

It's a New Wave Wednesday in The Dungeon and this week I've got another episode of the 1982 TV show "New Wave Theatre" for you to ponder.
This one is Episode #5, and once again the host is the profound Peter Ivers.

Just in case you're not familiar with the masterful music of Peter Ivers, here's a song called "Eighteen And Dreaming" from this 1985 LP called "Nirvana Peter."

After Peter does his opening spiel, we're introduced to the first L.A. band on the program, The Stepmothers. The band was fronted by this guy named Steve Jones, who went on to be in the band The Unforgiven.
The song performed by The Stepmothers was titled "If I Were You" (I'd Lay Off Me), and came off of this 1981 EP released on Posh Boy Records.

Next up was a power punk band I liked quite a lot called The Generals.

The Generals dressed up in military garb, and here they perform a very cool song called "Officer Material." Since they were "rejecting art in favor of fundamentalism," it's not surprising that I couldn't find any records by them, or really any information at all.
The next group were by far the most successful of all the bands on this show, John Doe and his lovely wife Exene Cervenka as seen here from the band X.
The song performed by X was from this 1980 LP, and was titled "The World's A Mess, It's In My Kiss."
Without a doubt, Peter Ivers had his own unique style!
Following X was the hardcore punk band called Church.

Church is another band I couldn't find a whole lot of information about, but I do know the song they did on the show was called "Warning."
The last group on the program was a band of movers and shakers called Andy And The Rattlesnakes.

Andy And The Rattlesnakes were fronted by Andy Krikun, and are still rockin' today! Here's their website if you'd like to find out more about them!

The song performed by Andy And The Rattlesnakes was called "Patience," and can be found on this retrospective CD from 2006.
Better late than never!!

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kd said...

Wow, I listened to "Eighteen and Dreaming" but I'm afraid it didn't ring any mnemonic bells in this 70s-80s guy's noggin! I guess my proximity to "New Wave-y" music was the Human League, Howard Jones, Tears for Fears ...those kinda music peeps of that era. Were they New Wave? To me, I guess they were.

The '80s is still probably my favorite decade for pop/rock-ish music. But hey, I only listen to it, never made it like youse guyz! ;)

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