Friday, April 22, 2022

COURAGEOUS CAT And MINUTE MOUSE In "The Case Of The Moon Giant" - 1961

Here's a Courageous Cat cartoon that has him and Minute Mouse leave their usual Empire City beat and take a harrowing trip to the Moon, where they're confronted by a Moon Giant.

Courageous and Minute are out cruising the streets of Empire City in the Catmobile, looking for crime, when they get a call from the police chief on their radio. Professor Noodle-Strudel is launching a Moon rocket and could endanger the citizens, get over there!

The Professor has lit the fuse and it won't be long before the rocket blasts off.

Courageous shows up just in time to snip the fuse and tells the Professor that it's illegal to send his rocket into space without a permit. The Professor tells Courageous, dummkoph, I have a permit, I will show you!

He takes our crime fighters up to the rocket, he leads them in through a door and slams it shut.

The Professor runs back down the stairs, he relights the fuse, and...

It's off to the Moon!

The boys encounter some shooting stars and have to take cover when they start breaking through the window glass.

Then, Minute notes that, hey, they're coming in too fast!

And they crash down on the surface of the Moon, what a landing!

Here are a few of the signs next to where they crashed, pretty cool artwork in this episode.

A Moon Man discovers Courage and Minute on the ground and goes to get word to the Moon King.

The King is informed about the two Earthlings and he says... There is nothing lower than an Earth creature!

So, the King brings in Moonbeam, the Moon Giant. He tells the big lug to go take care of the Earthmen. Moonbeam says... I'll clobber 'em good!

After he captures Courageous and Minute, Courageous shoots him in the nose and they escape. But, Moonbeam is angry now, he captures them again and puts them back in the rocket.

Moonbeam then takes the rocket and tosses it back to Earth, later dudes!

Back in Empire City, Courageous and Minute are recovering from another crash when the Professor inquires if they brought him anything back from the Moon!

Courageous says... Yes, green cheese!! There you go, some Friday Fun!

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kd said...

I'd heard of COURAGEOUS CAT and MINUTE MOUSE when I was a kiddo, but never saw them back then, up until today, except for this post! (I was watching SPACE ANGEL religiously as a huge fan though, to the point of writing a fan letter and getting an answer from one of the creators of S.A.)

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