Monday, April 4, 2022

THE THREE STOOGES In "Men In Black" - 1934

Here's just the third short the Stooges made for Columbia Pictures, and it's a doozy. But, I don't get the 'men in black' title, they're dressed in white! Also, Curly's name was Curley in their earliest episodes before they later dropped the E.

The Stooges have been in medical school so long (years), superintendent Dr. Graves announces that the boys are now doctors, but, they need to work hard 'for Duty and Humanity.'

Then, the electronic PA repeatedly announces... "Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard!"

The boys take off like a bullet and Curly slams the door behind him, which causes the glass to break! The maintenance man shows up to find a big mess to deal with, as Dr. Graves and the other new doctors look on in disbelief . This is a running gag throughout the story, glass gets replaced, broken, replaced, broken, on and on.

In their quest for duty and humanity, the boys definitely overdo it. Love the guy on the left.

And, there's lots of flirting going on! You know, mid thirties, woo woo.

When the boys go to a room to assist another doctor in analyzing a patience's condition, she looks up at the boys and says...

 The place is haunted!

Larry hams it up and sings into Moe's stethoscope!

Then they're sent to a room to deal with mental patient played by the great Billy Gilbert (dude had 233 acting credits and was in everything back then). Anyway, it doesn't go well because the guy's nuts, he even acts like a cat and hisses at them, spitting all over Larry and Moe!

Later, Dr. Graves has accidently swallowed the combination to the safe, what to do?!

They don't carry around those mallets all the time for nothing!..

They have Dr. Graves on the table, ready to be operated on by the boys! The PA comes on and says... Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard, and the boys respond with, shut Up! The PA shoots back... You shut up!

After the operation, Moe stitches up Dr. Graves...

Moe then remembers... Where are the tools?!

The nurse helps Dr. Graves up, and he clinks and clanks his way out of the room.

Then the PA's up to its old tricks and the Stooges have had enough, they take their mallets and have at it. They finally get to the thing's innards and tear it to shreds! 

But it keeps calling for them, and they can't figure it out, until they find the culprit, that big transistor wobbling around there on the floor.

They grab their revolvers (don't ask me) and put the thing out of their misery! Welp, hope you had a few laffs with our favorite guys, The Stooges! We did!


Realm Of Retro said...

Billy Gilbert stole the show for me.

That man had serious Renfield issues.

kd said...

LOL, Realm! :)

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