Monday, April 11, 2022

THE TWILIGHT ZONE / "The Four Of Us Are Dying" - 1960

Here's a fun little story, all about a man who can change his looks by concentrating on another person's image. Love the lineup of actors, it stars Harry Townes, Phillip Pine, Ross Martin, Don Gordon, Peter Brocco and Beverly Garland.

This is Arch Hammer, he's just drifted into town and checks into a cheap hotel.

You see, Arch has an uncanny secret, he can change into another person by concentrating on their image...

Let's see what happens if he changes into the recently deceased John Foster, who died in a car accident.

He goes to the club where Foster used to perform and is noticed by his mourning girlfriend, Maggie. She simply cannot believe her eyes, how can this be!

Arch makes up a story about how he escaped death, saying that another person matching his description was the one that died. And, he's been hiding out to get away from performing. He tells Maggie to run away with him to Chicago, and she agrees...

On his way out the door, another musician notices that the man is none other than John Foster! He follows 'John' outside to confront him, but, Arch has changed back into himself, confusing the Hell out of the bandmate.

But before he disappears with Maggie, he's going to need some money, so...

He picks out Virge Sterig, a gangland criminal who was shot a number of times and tossed into a river by his 'friends.'

Arch shows up at the place of the gangland boss, who thinks he's looking at a ghost. Arch shakes him down and grabs all the money from the haul, and takes off running out of the building.

He's being chased by two of the gang's henchmen and gets trapped in an alleyway, so, he has to think quickly!

And, he fakes out the men when they confront him. They can't believe that Virge has escaped, when they know they had him cornered.

Arch has changed himself into a boxer named Andy Marshak, and wouldn't you know it, he has just walked past someone at the news stand who seems to know him. Arch asks him who he is and the man answers... Don't you know your own father?! The man tells him of all the pain he's caused with the family, and calls him a Punk! Arch pushes him down and leaves.

Back at his room, a detective shows up and wants to take him in on a bunko charge. As Arch goes out of the building through a revolving door, he goes around an extra time and comes out as boxer, Andy Marshak. The detective is stunned, how in the Hell did he lose Hammer!!

The detective leaves but Andy's dad shows up, Arch says he needs to concentrate for a minute so he can prove he's not Andy. Pops ain't buying it and shoots Arch in the gut!

As Arch lays dying, he transforms into the other men he was imitating, before...

Arch dies and ends up himself, bringing our story to an end. So, like, check back Wednesday where Eegah!! will bring you something for a Whacky Wednesday, here at The Dungeon!


Grant said...

As good as everyone else is, no one could play a "hard luck" kind of character better than Don Gordon.

Realm Of Retro said...

BEAUTIFUL choice for screenshots.
Ross Martin, Beverly Garland, and especially that
epic 1960s "man about town" image with the neon signs!
I liked that so much I posted (what I think is) the
blu-ray last summer:
Didn't know it came from TZ until now.

Beverly Garland was gorgeous.
She was up against Marilyn Monroe & Jane Mansfield
in her day so maybe she didn't stand out so much.

kd said...

More proof that black and white is creatively/artistically superior to color.

MOST of the time.

IMHO, natch! ;)

kd said...

This GREAT episode is being re-run TONIGHT (4-19-2022) on MeTV!

Be there or old trapezoid! ;)


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