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NEW WAVE THEATRE - "Episode # 2 Featuring Elvira" (1982)

I think it's time to perk it up a bit around here, so let's go back to 1982 for this Saturday Night Special, and one of the most irreverent music shows ever produced for TV, 
"New Wave Theatre!"

The host of the show was Peter Ivers, and you can read more background information on the show right about HERE!
This was the second episode and has got a little extra twist, because it was made just when Elvira was starting to host her TV show in L.A. so she shows up for a little extra advertising. I seriously doubt she got paid for this gig.

The first band of the evening was called Red Wedding fronted by a guy named Marc O.

The song performed by Red Wedding was called "So We Make History."

Red Wedding released this record called "Nails" in 1984.

The next band was called The Party Boys.

The Party Boys were an interesting band, and they perform a song called "High Fashion." 

The song "High Fashion" can be found on this 2005 two CD release.

Then there's this guy!

Next up was the band Bad Religion!

Bad Religion perform an upbeat song called "We're Only Gonna Die."

"We're Only Gonna Die" was the first song on this LP titled "How Could Hell Be Any Worse?"

Think or say what you will, but this show was fast paced and packed a whole lot of wild entertainment into a short amount of time. Like "The Gong Show," It would be really nice to see high quality versions of the whole thing, but I don't think that's ever going to happen!

Elvira does an ad for "Genkel's" that is a must-see for any fan of hers, or actually anybody!!

The next band was Monitor, and was fronted by Keith Mitchell.

Another member of Monitor was Laurie O'Connell.

I love this picture I found of Laurie on Discogs!

The song performed by Monitor was called "I Saw Dead Jim's Shade" and came off of this 1981 album.

The last band on this episode was a very cool band called The Brainiacs.

If nothing else interests you here, at least go listen to this cut by The Brainiacs from 1981 called 
that is sure to get your sacroiliac back in action again!
"New Wave Theatre!" It rocked in 1982, and continues to rock in 2022.

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kd said...

"...that is sure to get your sacroiliac back in action again..."

OH HOW I WISH! My messed up *sacroiliac* turned me into a walker-user!

But I still have a smile on my face and a chuckle in my voice! :O :D ;)

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