Friday, April 8, 2022

THE AQUABATS! SUPER SHOW! / "Night Of The Cactus!" - 2012

I thought I'd check out some stuff on Shout Factory and started watching Aquabats. It really feels like a Saturday morning kid show, but I don't know where it originally played. The characters from left to right are.. Jimmy The Robot, Ricky Fitness, MC Bat Commander, Eagle Bones Falconhawk and Crash McLarson. They're a music group supposedly on a world tour. (?)

Anyway, their 'friend' Ronmark has them set up in a tent in the middle of the desert at night, to play a special song for him to woo his ex-girlfriend back into his arms when she arrives.

Unfortunately, a meteorite has just crashed in the hills, so, Ronmark and his girl, Zalga, make up and drive away into the night. Thing is, The Aquabats didn't get paid because they didn't get to play the song before the couple made up!

So, the glowing meteorite is just laying there until it shoots a liquid all over a cactus, and strange things happen.

Since the guys didn't get paid have no money, they decide to find the meteorite and sell it to a scientist or something, for money.

But MC Bat sticks his finger into a hole in the rock, and it immediately mutates his hand into an octopus tentacle!

Ronmark and Zalga are having their own problems, that big old mutant cactus the meteorite created has just kidnapped Zalga.

And, like in a kids show, there's a cartoon!

They have a continuing story going on in a cartoon in every episode. Here, like in FANTASTIC VOYAGE, they have to miniaturize themselves and go inside their friend Jimmy The Robot, through his nose, to find out what the problem is with his functions.

They race along in their van while being chased by who knows what.

They scream a lot because of all the dangers they encounter. I was looking at this scene and could only think of one thing... STEVE DITKO!!

Zalga is starting to think that the cactus likes her, he lets her down a tries to show his affection for her.

The thing even dances for her, and she seems to be enjoying herself.

The Aquabats show up to save the day, but even Eagle Bones fails with his guitar ray!

The Aquabats, Zalga and Ronmark pile into the van for safety while the cactus monster keeps pounding away on the exterior... What to do?,,

Well, it's time for a group sing-along about science as they mix up a formula that will change the cactus back to normal.

They create their mixture, so, Crash tosses the meteorite (they saved) as a diversion so that they can all get out of the van and attack the monster.

Zalga acts as if she is going to save the cactus, but, she grabs the mixture and douses it on the thing herself, and it turns back into a regular old cactus... Yay?!

Zalga straps the cactus to her car and leaves Ronmark in the dust. Later as he's walking away, he sees the meteorite and picks it up, only to be sprayed in the face! This episode makes about as much sense as the world does today, so, we're in good company!

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