Monday, November 1, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "The Sitter Downers" - 1937

Here's one of my favorite Stooges episode, there's just something about it...

The boys are all dappered up, going to see their sweethearts. They even include their dog in the caravan as the girls have a female dog for him to visit too. Love this shot.

So, the boys get on their knees and ask the girls to marry them. The girls are, from left to right, Flora Bell, Cora Bell and Dora Bell. They reply to the suitors... You'll have to ask our dad!

This is my favorite moment, when he hears a commotion in the living room, Pop Bell comes in to find the Stooges standing there, and asks them, what do you want?! The boys say they are asking him for his daughters' hands in marriage. Before they finish the sentence, Pops yells out... NO!!!

The Stooges stage a sit down strike at the Bell's house! And the public is on their side and they're receiving gifts like a new lot and home, silverware, etc., and tons of fan mail!

Pops figures the only way to get the loafers out of his home is to let his daughters marry the morons. A justice of the peace is brought in to perform the ceremony...

So, the guys and girls head off to their dream home.

They have arrived on the truck delivering the lumber to build their house. Moe looks around and asks the driver where the carpenters are? The guy laughs at him and informs them that they have to build it! Then he quickly drives away, dropping the load with a big thud. The wives then show them, no house, no honeymoon, not the other way around!!

After they build this much, they go on strike!

Flora picks up a board and puts an end to that nonsense by knocking out a brace, and the boys come tumbling down!

Everyone's chasing each other as Curly tries to smooth out the cement job he's working on and they keep running through it. So, he sees them coming and messes it up himself.

Curly gets conked on the head by a keg of nails and is out as the cement sets up...

Curly comes around only to find his feet stuck in dried concrete. He chisels himself out and walks over to Moe and Larry to show them what happened. Moe says, I thought we lost a keg of nails!

So, Moe ends up drilling holes in the cement shoes and putting a stick of TNT in each hole, then lights them and him and Larry run for cover!

Curly starts thinking, and goes around the lumber pile to tell Moe that he can just take his shoes off!.. Hey, where you guys going?!

An explosion goes off, and thinking Curly got blowed up real good, Moe tells Larry that they should have only used a half stick of TNT in each slab.

Curly starts screaming from a tree limb and everyone runs over to him. Cora uses a board to pry him loose, but...

Curly falls right on top of her and she's knocked out cold. Moe tells Curly to grab a pail of water. He grabs a pail but a chunk of cement landed in the pail after the explosion, and he unloads the pail of 'water' in her face!

Well, believe it or not, it's time to get the honeymoons started. The home is finished, and the wives just love it!!

Flora finds a piece of wood they forgot to remove!

And the place comes tumbling down, big time. A perfect Stooges ending!!

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