Saturday, November 6, 2021

BEWITCHED - "Birdies, Bogies and Baxter" (1967)

When I found the Halloween "Bewitched" show, I also stumbled on this one that was Episode seven from season four that I thought looked interesting, so here's your Saturday Night Special for this week!

This episode was titled "Birdies, Bogies and Baxter," and really puts Darrin in the spotlight. He's got a potential new client who is a golf nut, so Darrin has been spending a lot of his time honing his golf game to impress the guy, and is very tired.

Endora puts a hex on Darrin, making him be able to play as good as he did in college, in hopes that he will spend more time at the golf course and less time at home.

If you don't like golf, then this story line will probably not be that interesting to you!

Darrin, on the other hand, is really getting into it!

MacDonald Carey is the "Baxter" in the title. He's a very serious golfer and a bad loser. If MacDonald looks familiar to you, it's probably because from 1965 to the year of his death in 1994, MacDonald was Dr. Tom Horton in the long running soap opera "Days Of Our Lives." Even if you never watched an episode of "Days Of Our Lives" in your life, it's more than likely you saw Joe's face when you walked through the room during one of the 3,556 episodes that your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, or your wife was watching!

These look like golf carts of the future, not the past. They remind me more of one of the cars at Autopia!

Dick York had a pretty nice golf swing. I don't know how much it was bothering him at this point, but two years later, he would have to quit the show because of chronic back pain!

The wife's decide to join the party as bystanders!

Darrin is only three strokes behind Baxter, and it's starting to piss Baxter off!

Darrin's boss Larry doesn't want to lose this account, and he wants Darrin to lose the match, so while nobody's looking, he stomp's Darrin's impacted ball even further into the sand! What a jerk!

When that doesn't work, he makes it look like Darrin's ball landed inside of a tin can!

Darrin's a good sport and plays the ball anyway, and with a little help from Samantha's cute little nose, the shot comes out just fine!

On the 18th hole, Darrin makes it in the cup from here, which leaves a two foot putt for Baxter to tie the game, but he chokes, and Darrin wins, and loses the contract for the deal.

Fortunately, Baxter's wife is the one with the controlling interest in the company, and she says Darrin's company gets the contract, Baxter has to eat it, and he realizes what a dick he has been.
All over TV from 1960 to 1967, this was Joan Banks last role!


Caffeinated Joe said...

Great look back at a fun episode!

Grant said...

I can't help liking your MacDonald Carey comment. All you have to do to at least FEEL like you're familiar with a performer is see them CASUALLY a hundred times, like a soap opera actor.

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