Wednesday, November 10, 2021

HOLLYWOOD ON PARADE - "Betty Boop Meets Dracula" (1933)

"Hollywood On Parade" was a series of shorts produced by Paramount Studios between 1932 and 1934 that featured a variety of programming, and is what's in the spotlight for this week's Weird Wednesday presentation in The Dungeon.

 This fascinating episode was number A-8, and came out in 1933. It is one of only two films that ever featured a real human as Betty Boop, instead of her cartoon persona, and is perfect for the occasion since this is National Betty Boop Week!

If you didn't know it was National Betty Boop Week, it's because I just made it up, but since there's a day, a week, or a month for almost every other damn thing in the world, then why not?

This episode takes place in the Hollywood Wax Museum!

Besides, Betty Boop, the stars are Eddie Borden and Bela Lugosi. Eddie Borden made a career from a multitude of uncredited screen appearances in minute roles as a drunk, a poker player, a bird watcher, a man on a bus, a man at a table, etc. etc. etc.

Eddie tries to put the make on the wax dummy of Clara Bow, not knowing that the wax figure of her husband Rex Bell, was actually Rex himself, who suggests that Eddie's affections would be better off directed at Betty Boop instead of his wife!

The wax figure of Betty Boop is very realistic because she's not wax!

Not knowing that she is real, Eddie will find out real fast when he gets a slap in the mug for messing with Betty's garter!

Eddie suggests that Betty sings a song, and then her accompanies her as she sings "My Silent Love." In the heyday of the cartoons, Betty's voice was done by Margie Hines, Harriett Lee, Mae Questel, Kate Wright, Little Ann Little, and as seen here, Bonnie Poe.

To make the whole thing a whole lot more interesting, the wax figure of Bela Lugosi as Dracula, comes to life!

Dracula leaves his position, and moves in on Betty Boop, and those two dummies are not going to be able to help her one bit!

At first it looks like Dracula is going to dance with Betty, but as a vampire, he has alternative ideas.

So what did you think was gonna happen??
I'll be back on Saturday with more Betty Boop madness!


TABONGA! said...

The colors in the poster kick my ass!

KD said...

I know the line spoken from Bela to Betty, but I won't spoil it! ;)

TABONGA! said...

Mr. KD, it's terrific to see some of your comments again, here at The Dungeon, and hope to hear plenty more from you! Funny, I posted a LIS episode, and viola!!

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